stella and basilPart of me doesn’t want to write about this.  Although it has now been 8 years since our daughter, Stella, had her first seizure.  It all began the afternoon following her first day of preschool.  My wife, Aimee, noticed Stella blank out for a few seconds.  Aimee could tell there was something not right.  A little while later, it happened again.  This time Aimee immediately yelled “Stella,” hoping this would snap her out of it.  Stella had no reaction, just a blank look.  I get a call at work,  “there is something wrong with Stella,” Aimee said.  We tried to stay calm and positive.  Maybe it was low blood sugar, nothing to worry about.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t that simple and there was plenty to worry about.  So began our first day on a roller coaster journey trying to understand all there was to know about epilepsy, why our 4 year old daughter had it, and how to fix it.